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About Me
Hi! I'm Rachel

Here's the relevant stuff:

I've had social anxiety my entire life and depression since middle school. I grew up unaware of my anxiety and wasn't diagnosed until my sophomore year of high school.

Unfortunately, social anxiety is wildly misunderstood and often mistaken as shy. Hopefully, I can explain here what I often can't explain in person. I want to shed some light on social anxiety, both what it's like and how to help someone living with it.

Here's the fun stuff:

I'm an aspiring young adult author who currently works at a bookstore. I'm married, a proud cat mama, and the owner of the Etsy shop, The Stitched Songbird.  I love sunflowers, trees, oreos, and anything that captures my childlike sense of wonder. Oh, and birds, but maybe you already guessed that.

P.S. I have a nonfiction short story published about my past with self harm here. I also have my official author website here, where you can find a complete list of my published works as well as my blog of writing and creativity advice.